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Strange Phenomena

Matt Feldman



16mm to HD Video

(Password: Bramble1)

A visual and aural study of Letchworth Garden City. Through an impressionistic gaze an eerie force permeating through the idyllic suburban town is revealed. References to the esoteric reflect the towns history as a hub for occultist philosophies while a gutteral soundtrack suggests an anxiety connected to the viability of the Garden City Movement in an era where its generally regarded as redundant.

Commisioned by Eastcheap Projects, Letchworth Garden City

House of Victories

Shirine Shah & Matt Feldman



16mm to HD Video

House of Victories explores the local Islamic community of the writer alongside their musings into socialised identity, the abyss that bridges religions, and the fallacy of language while combining the natural and constructed realities of a hidden self. What begins as an abstract stream of consciousness exploring the slippages between language and gender transforms into a diaristic account of the writer’s return to their childhood mosque and the reconciliation of religion and spirituality. Explored through English voice and Urdu script, the cinematographic intention lies within esoteric truth, and the liberation that comes within not knowing.

Postcard of a Forest Fire



Super 8 and digital sound

A film diary exploring the various systems at play in the wildfire epidemic  in Colorado. Imagery of forests devastated by wildfire are contrasted against the urban and industrial landscapes of Denver while the narrative drifts between diary and fantasy.

Super Mare



Super 8 and digital sound

A trip to the sea ends in disappointment

upon an encounter with the low tide.

Ruinous Portal


00:18:36 (loop)

5-channel audio installation on ten speakers

Musique concrete composed from field recordings

captured in various abandoned gold mines in the

southwestern United States

Exhibited at Kunstraum, London, UK

Ruinous Portal

Matt Feldman


Published by Folium, London, UK

Printed by Martins the Printers, Berwick-Upon-Tweed


116 pages

Edition of 100

A collection of photographs documenting various abandoned

gold mines, and their associated towns,  in the southwestern United States

book scan 10.png

Walking Through Dark Arches


00:05:00 (loop)

Displayed on reel-to-reel tape recorder

Musique concrete comprised of archived audio from the Cecil Sharpe House and History Colorado Centre. Walking Through Dark Arches

explores the history of the traditional Irish folk song The Unfortunate Rake, and its eventual transformation into the American folk song

The Streets of Laredo; this version having been coined by miners in Southern Colorado.

Currently exhibiting in "The New Folk" at the North Lincolnshire Museum

Commissioned by Common Ground

Endless Cavern


Dimensions variable

Walnut, mechanical ball, contact microphones,

1/4 inch jack, guitar pedals, inspection lamp

and 4 speakers.

Commisioned by Proposition Studios.




Produced & Mastered by Matt Feldman



Lisa Vigorelli,

Kobby Adi,

Trishna Rehan,

Angels Banda

Commissioned for Superfluid: Super Takeover

Broadcast 15 June, 2021 on Resonance Extra

Slow Drummer


Dimensions variable

Oak, Steel, drumsticks, DC motors, contact microphones,

1/4 inch jacks, line mixer, delay pedal, and tube amplifier

Will End Soon


32 x 26 cm

Ceramic mosaic with walnut frame.

Shortlisted for the Ingram Prize 2020

Tornado Warning


60 x 38 cm

Ceramic mosaic with oak frame.

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